Top Complex

Sulfur is a vital and essential element for all living organisms and is also present in the structure of amino acids and proteins. This element is used primarily or in combination in fertilizers. By adding sulfur and its compounds to calcareous soils, its pH is reduced and thus, in addition to meeting the need for sulfur, the solubility of iron, phosphorus, manganese and zinc will increase.

Top Complex complete powder fertilizer is unique in terms of formulation and its high potash and high sulfur cause high growth efficiency in plants. In this fertilizer, macro elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, semi-macro elements ie calcium, sulfur, and micro elements such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese, barium and molybdenum are in the form of chelate.

Benefits of Complete Top Complex Powder Fertilizer

  • Increased resistance to the dangers of environmental stresses (drought, temperature and salinity) and pests and diseases
  • Activation of plant enzymes, including carbon dioxide reducing enzymes
  • Increased photosynthesis due to better efficiency of enzymes
  • Strengthening the supporting tissues and ultimately increasing the resistance to varicose veins
  • Ability to absorb through roots and leaves
  • Ability to mix with most water-soluble pesticides
  • An effective factor in the production of enzymes responsible for nitrogen consumption
  • An effective factor in converting nitrites to amino acids