3Match 10-10-40

High Potash 40-10-10 Powder Fertilizer

Nitrogen and potassium are elements that are significantly removed from the soil by the plant and should always be provided with sufficient soil during the growing season. Potassium is involved in photosynthesis and the production of sugar. This element is also transmissible in plants, so the symptoms of its deficiency appear in the form of burns next to the leaves, first in the old leaves.

Tri-match is a completely water-soluble fertilizer that can be used at any stage of plant growth. Nitrogen in this fertilizer improves vegetative growth and its potassium is very effective in improving quality, increasing resistance to drought, salinity and pests and diseases.

3Match fertilizer is a very good fertilizer to eliminate potassium deficiency at any stage of plant growth. One of the best ways for farmers to achieve high yields is to use Tri Match powder fertilizer.

Benefits of High Potash 40-10-10 Powder Fertilizer

  • Increase production and improve product quality
  • Increase plant resistance to pests and fungal diseases
  • Increase resistance to the risks of environmental stresses (drought, temperature and salinity)
  • Activation of plant enzymes, including carbon dioxide reducing enzymes
  • Increased photosynthesis due to better performance of enzymes
  • Ability to absorb through roots and leaves
  • Ability to mix with most pesticides in water solution