Super Golden

Due to the soil conditions of Iran, which is often calcareous and with high pH, ​​the absorption of trace elements from the roots is difficult. One of the best ways for farmers to get high yields is to consume Super Golden. This fertilizer is microcrystalline soluble in water and in terms of formulation is known as complete microculture fertilizer.

Supergolden is unique in terms of formulation and the variety of chelates (EDTA – DTPA – EDDHA) and the ideal proportion of micronutrients in it has caused it to create the highest growth and yield in different crops in Iranian arable soils.

Benefits of Super Golden Powder Fertilizer

  • Increases the quality of agricultural products and increases the size of the fruit.
  • Increase plant resistance to pests and pathogens.
  • Ability to absorb through roots and leaves.
  • Ability to mix with most water-soluble pesticides.