Technology transfer and R&D

  1. Designing and installation of R&D and quality control laboratories for chemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies.
  2. Training and development of state-of-the art analytical equipment and methods:
  • Chromatography methods: TLC, GC, GC-MS, HPLC, RP-HPLC, CEX-HPLC, SEC-HPLC, GPC-HPLC, HPLC-MS and HPLC-MS/MS.
  • Gel and Capillary Electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE (1, 2D), Gel filtration (GF)
  • Spectroscopy methods: UV-Vis, FT-IR, AAS, ICP, H-NMR, C-NMR and Raman spectroscopy, Light scattering (DLS, SLS, MALLS)
  • Microscopic Surface analysis: Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS), X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray powder diffraction (XRD)
  • Thermal analysis methods: Differential thermal analysis (DTA), Thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA), Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Thermo mechanical analysis (TMA)
  • Electrochemistry methods such as pHmetery, Potentiometry and Conductometry
  • Extraction and purification methods for mineral, organometal and organic compound
  • Validation of analytical method and state-of-the art equipment , repeatability and reproducibility
  • Chemometrics, Multivariate calibration, Calibration development,  ANOVA
  1. Training and development of Biotechnology and chemical biology skills:
  • Antimicrobial assay such as colony counting, bacterial live/dead analysis and zone of inhibition
  • Cell culture, MTS Cell Proliferation Assay, fluorescent microscope Cell Proliferation Assay
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Real Time-qPCR, digital & double digital PCR, dPCR & ddPCR
  • Gene cloning and transferring, recombining of the DNA and produce the new antibody and protein
  • Biomedical & biophysical characterization, Surface plasmon resonance analysis of DNA and antibody
  • Large scale protein preparation of virus or bacteria production and purification
  • Lipid, fat, cholesterol and lipase purification and analysis, Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration (UF/DF)
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), western blotting assay
  • Protein analysis, BCA protein assay, Cell Lysis (Lysate) for protein extraction and purification
  1. Training and development of pharmaceutical formulation skills:
  • Solid dosage forms, including sustained release tablets
  • Liquid dosage forms, monophasic liquids, suspensions and emulsions
  • Liquid and lyophilized protein formulations and drug delivery systems
  • Encapsulation using natural and nanofiber polymer to develop the drug delivery
  • Develop In Vitro Release Testing (IVRT) & In vitro permeation testing (IVPT) for drug formulations
  1. Training and development of Synthesis and processing skills:
  • Chemical and biochemical synthesis for producing of mineral and organic compound, nanocomposite & material science compound, enzyme, polymer, protein, antimicrobial agent and anticancer agent
  • Scaling up the chemical and biochemical synthesis from laboratory scale to industrial scale
  1. Designing and installation of the chemical manufacture:
  • Sulphuric acid plant (60-150 MT/day, small plant)
  • Pesticide and Insecticide Formulation manufactures
  • Vegetable oil extraction and purification production line
  • Bio and chemical fertilizer production line
  • Paint manufactures
  1. Designing and installation of the water treatment compounds production line:
  • Aluminium sulphate
  • Poly aluminium chloride
  • Ferric chloride
  1. Designing and installation of the mineral compounds production line :
  • Copper sulphate, Copper nitrate, Copper chloride, Copper hydroxyl chloride
  • Iron(II) sulphate, Iron oxide, Iron(II) nitrate, Iron(III) chloride
  • Zinc sulphate, Zinc oxide, Zinc nitrate, Zinc chloride
  • Magnesium sulphate, Manganese(II) sulphate
  • Ammonium sulphate, Ammonium nitrate
  • Calcium nitrate, Calcium chloride
  1. Designing and installation of the oleochemicals production line :
  • Lubricant and bio lubricant
  • Anionic and cationic emulsifiers
  • Fatty acids and Paraffin
  • Aluminium stearate, Calcium stearate, Zinc stearate
  • Magnesium stearate , Potassium stearate
  • Glycerine
  1. Designing and installation of the material science production line :
  • Fe3O4/ Zeolite,  Fe2O3 / Zeolite,  FeO / Zeolite
  • Cu(OH)2/ Zeolite,  Cu2(OH)3Cl / Zeolite