Zargol 7000 fe b

Symptoms of deficiency of this element are (over) blackening of growing buds and meristematic tissues and reduced growth and distance between nodes. When this deficiency becomes severe, jaundice, dryness of flowers and fruit deformity and plant death are observed. Complete liquid fertilizer Zergol 7000 (iron and barium) is used to strengthen plants in areas that are deficient in iron and barium. Zergel 7000 liquid fertilizers are used to balance micronutrients in areas that are deficient in one or more of the essential micronutrients. Due to the calcareous nature of most soils in Iran, iron deficiency is common in these soils and in all fertilizers of this group, iron chelate is present as the main indicator.

Benefits of complete liquid fertilizer 7000 (iron and bar)

  • An effective factor in the growth of meristematic points
  • An effective factor in RNA production
  • Role in the chlorophyll production process
  • Activator of enzymes responsible for energy transfer
  • Nitrogen respirator and stabilizer

Time and method of consumption

  • It is better to spray at sunset or sunrise and after watering.
  • Avoid spraying when thirsty or cold.
  • Dissolve and use 4-6 liters per thousand liters of water.