Green Zargo Fertilizer

This fertilizer has been made in order to strengthen the plants in general for the climatic conditions of Iran and due to its economic nature, it is used in a large volume by farmers. The elements of micronutrients in this fertilizer are chelated (whole chelate) and are in the right amount.

Benefits of Complete Liquid Fertilizer (Green)

  • Ability to absorb through roots and leaves.
  • Ability to mix with most toxins.
  • Increase crop growth and yield.
  • Increase plant resistance to pests and physiological diseases.

Time and method of consumption

  • It is better to spray at sunset or sunrise and after watering.
  • Foliar spraying should be done between 3 to 8 times in a growing season.
  • Avoid spraying when thirsty or cold.
  • Dissolve and use 4-6 liters per thousand liters of water.